In Memoriam

In 1913, North and South gathered at Gettysburg to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the terrible affair. Though it would be another 54 years before Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday, its place in America’s life was secured on that occasion. The holiday began as a way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice; for a nation or a lost cause. The holiday continues to signify that wars may be unjust, ill-considered, or tragic in their necessity; but that the sacrifices made by soldiers and their families are always acts of heroism. Over our long history of good deeds and questionable motives, noble ideals and hypocritical execution, compassion and indifference, almost 3 million Americans have sanctified our decisions with injury and death.

Foreign Politics?

A quick post today on Iran and North Korea and notions of an “appropriate response”. The usual lineup of critics on both sides of our artificial political fence have been taking shots at President Obama for his handling of flash points in Iran and North Korea, and to a lesser extent, China. The left wants […]