An Inconvenient Meme

At some point in the last year I realized that age had caught up with me in most superficially hurtful way; I left the key demographic. What I value, like, want, and need is no longer relevant to mass marketers. All of the music I like is relegated to classical and oldies stations. A solid majority of the people I interact with on a daily basis aren’t completely sure what I mean when I say “roll up the window.” A frighteningly large minority of the people I interact with believe that “dial up” is charming relic of my advancing years.

Much Ado About Nothing

With Mrs. Palin, I understand some of the reporting. If she purports to continue her political career, it is the responsibility of political journalists to cover her professional activities. But her activities on Facebook and Twitter ought to be left out of normal coverage. Record those statements to be sure, they become relevant if and when she declares a candidacy; but leave her out of the daily rundowns. The paradox of her coverage is that many who report her sometimes outlandish statements are motivated to do so out of a sense of righteous indignation. In covering the former governor, they give her the kind of publicity and public platform that usually takes huge amounts of money to maintain.