What’s All This Sequester Fuss About?

And now, we have March 1, a day which should go into the books as a conservative day of fasting and thanks. A day which should be a holiday forever celebrated as Saint Ayn the Fountainhead’s resurrection and ascension into Republican Heaven. (Saint Ronnie the Gipper having been lately demoted on the basis that he was soft on immigration, raised taxes, talked to Democrats, and was once in a union.)

D.O.A. Is A Technical Term

The proposal by the White House, including the stimulus it contains, would trim $4.5 trillion from the deficit over 10 years without touching Social Security or taking benefits from Medicare enrollees. That total would roll back all of the debt accumulated by our nation since the end of the Bush presidency. But it is not, in the minds of conservative movers and shakers, a serious proposal and is “dead on arrival”. Why?

Personal Reasons

The world, sadly, has changed. Like a nation of teenagers, we have become unable to view the world from a perspective bigger than ourselves. We seem ready and able to condemn any facts that are inconvenient, and the entire conservative movement is committed to the derivative notion that any numbers that fail to support their worldview are necessarily be wrong.