The Midterms And Medical Mythology

The generated uproar over the health reform efforts has been remarkable in its ability to completely miss the point. We the people were told that “Obamacare” would insert the government between us and our doctors. We the people were told that “Obamacare” was a government takeover of a free market. We the people were told, again, that the market could take of itself with the help of tax cuts. As the implementation of the Affordable Care Act continues, and as the rhetoric of the midterm elections escalates, it is time for a reminder of the facts of the medical marketplace.

The health care circular firing squad

The debate over health care is fast reaching a fever pitch of sloganeering and circular arguments. A screaming collection of cowboys driving herds of mooing cattle over the landscape have come close to derailing any real action that seemed probable just a few months ago. On the right, a phalanx of insurance companies, big pharma, […]