Take Two And Call Me In The Morning

We saw, supposedly, a budget cutting smack-down in the 2010 midterms. The talking heads and deficit hawks have said repeatedly that the heavy Democratic losses were a rejection of heavy spending, a repudiation of the Obama Administration’s “weak” job-creation, and a massive dose of humble pie. We were told that the biggest threats to our nation were government spending and government debt. The Tea Party, we were promised, had the solutions.

I Used To Pity Conservative Politicians

It used to be easy to feel bad for conservative politicians, after all, the standard “right” politics of one generation are seldom far enough from the center for the next. Saint Ronnie the Gipper would have been castigated by his own brethren for dozens of policy decisions that now stand in clear violation of the edicts of Grover Norquist and Dick Armey. Senator John McCain broke into a dead lateral sprint over the last three years in a desperate attempt to be more conservative than Senator John McCain. And so it was that I pitied those principled conservatives that fell under the tracks of the 21st Century conservative movement.

Schoolkids and Presidential Propoganda

Tommy Tomlinson, writing in the Charlotte Observer the other day, led off his column with quotes from the President’s speech to kids. He pointed out that the critics were correct about the speech being all about politics as you can tell from these snippets: “We’ve been working to take an economy that was in bad […]