What Passes For Intelligence On Facebook

The individuals who produced this picture, a picture designed to highlight the insensitivity to history and our veterans allegedly held by President Obama, don’t appear to be sensitive to the history themselves. D-Day (at least the one that President Obama is supposedly slighting by failing to go to France, occurred on June 6, 1944…not 1945. It isn’t immediately obvious how any patriotic American with a profound respect and interest in our shared military history could miss so obvious a fact.

A Sickness About Health Care

My relative doesn’t like “socialized medicine”. She is alive today because of the Social Security and Medicaid systems, but in her mind, those two sentiments are perfectly compatible. Her brother has lived in Germany for most of his adult life, and struggled mightily with many debilitating problems. Were he to have had the same problems in America, it is unlikely he would be alive today. But my relative was ardently complaining about the German system of socialized medicine. She was upset that “they” wouldn’t approve of a certain treatment. She thought (and thinks) it wrong that the poor of the world should be denied health care. But she doesn’t like “socialized medicine”.

The Hoopla Over Recess Appointments

Let’s all be political conservatives, and ask the no-nonsense, rural, heartland-approved question: to be considered at work, do you actually have to be doing any work? If a farmer in Illinois drove out to a field and punched a time-clock once every three days (because a lawyer told him in 1993 that punching that clock was the definition of working his fields), would that get the job done?