Attention Deficit Health Insurance Disorder

Currently, all political junkies (and everyone else unable to get away from the tyranny of 24 hour news) are consumed by ObamaCare. Strangely though, very few Americans have sought to become informed on the Affordable Care Act. This particular reality hasn’t changed much in the 54 months since the first versions of health care reform began to filter into Congressional sub-committee rooms.

Random Stupidity

Twenty years ago, the bulk of what is now ObamaCare (including the individual mandate) was written as the conservative answer to the Clinton Plan. Today, many conservative politicians are so thoroughly Fox-washed that they refuse to accept the constitutionality of the same plan in the face of a conservative Court upholding the law.

Anatomy Of A Lie: Responding To The GOP On ObamaCare

In the fantasy world of the conservative hierarchy, folks making that kind of cheddar are “normal” and “productive”. Apparently, judging by their policy proposals, the GOP believes that couples earning $60,000 per year (like a cop and a schoolteacher, or a roofer and a clerk) are “unproductive” because they aren’t “job-creators”.

On The Job Of A Supreme Court Justice

At around 1,000 words per opinion, and with hundreds of opinions written, Justice Scalia himself is at least as verbose as the law he refuses to read. He has written as many books as J.K. Rowling although, in fairness, his were undoubtedly shorter than her last three. Speaking of Ms. Rolling, millions of Americans substantially less well read than Justice Scalia and his clerks, have read the last three books of the Harry Potter series. Those novels, it turns out, tip the scales at more than 500,000 words. Those millions who have read them, by the way, didn’t get paid to do so. Justice Scalia does in fact receive a substantial salary, excellent health insurance, and a lifetime guarantee of work, all under the auspices of him reading and giving judgement on the laws brought in challenge before his bench.