The Facts On Medicare: Obama Vs. Ryan

The approach taken by President Obama and the liberals cuts payments to providers, and places limits on the flexibility of insurance companies. It does not cut benefits or coverage to individuals. The approach taken by Mr. Ryan and, presumably, the Romney/Ryan ticket, places total dollar limits on future enrollees based on 2012 dollars, and places its full faith in the ability of the marketplace to cover the retired on the basis of those vouchers.

What Entitlements?

Universally popular program, necessary program, program paid for by a flat tax (actually, a regressive tax), program built to save during flush times in preparation for lean times. You would think that Medicare and Social Security would be two programs that Mitt and Paul would want to leave alone. You would be wrong.

Hey Seniors, This Is Obamacare

As you can see, cherished senior friends, Obamacare might very well be the sign of the beast, and it will only get worse. In 2014, states will open exchanges that offer competitive, private, insurance plans. Also on those exchanges will be at least one non-profit insurance option, and funds will be provided that will support member-owned insurance co-ops at the state level.

Conservatives And Original Thinking

The problem, of course, is that it isn’t 1993 anymore; politics isn’t about problem-solving anymore, it is about winning. To make matters worse, it appears that conservatives have abandoned any pretense of creativity or reason in their approach to leadership. Reminiscent of Henry Ford’s position on customer choice (you can have the Model-T in any color you want, as long as its black), conservatives are willing to use any means to solve national problems, as long as the solution is a tax cut.