The Trouble With Iran

Iran presents us with problems that require intelligence, strength, and maturity. The situation requires grown-ups and American politics breeds rank immaturity. We the people accept lies from our candidates so long as they are easy lies; fixing the deficit while lowering taxes, providing better security without intruding on long-cherished freedoms, controlling reckless dictators without spending money or incurring casualties. We like our easy buttons in 21st Century America, and we despise politicians that have the temerity to propose the hard road. Dealing with Iran means travelling the hardest of roads; any who propose that there is a solution either simple or easy is both liar and fool.

Reagan And The New Conservatives

Shortly after asking the question, what would Jesus do, conservatives are likely to check their other wrist; the one that has the WWRD wristband on it. I am fine with the notion, as I have a slightly higher regard for the Gipper than my parents do. Lately however, I have begun to wish that conservatives actually knew what Reagan would do. You will never hear a Republican claim that he or she is not a conservative. But Democrats who long ago despaired of finding their backbones, run for the hills when they are called liberals.

Foreign Politics?

A quick post today on Iran and North Korea and notions of an “appropriate response”. The usual lineup of critics on both sides of our artificial political fence have been taking shots at President Obama for his handling of flash points in Iran and North Korea, and to a lesser extent, China. The left wants […]