It is the singular measure of the extremes our nation is swinging between that our political debate so often involves the Constitution. A brilliant document and the creation of great compromise, our Constitution serves as the foundation and framing of the nation. The cement was poured and set over 200 years ago, and the framing has been added, in the form of amendments, at various intervals since.In our great arrogance today, we have decided that every problem requires a Constitutional remedy.

The Hysteria Of Immigration

Then candidate Obama, in the early days of the 2008 race, described what he called “a coarsening of American culture”. The violence and profanity which seems to color our discourse, from playground to politics, is a bipartisan threat to our democracy and our way of life. Every confrontation, it seems, is a fight to the death. To compromise, to acknowledge the point of another, to step back from conflict, to be what we used to refer to as “the bigger man” (if you will forgive the chauvinist nature of the remark), has become a mark of weakness. The natural result of this new paradigm is a constant escalation of rhetoric and, eventually, action.

Rational Politics Chapter Nine: National Sovereignty

Our sovereignty, in my opinion, depends less on our borders then on the rights and responsibilities we enjoy and live up to within. If we live by the principles that are at the core of our nation, then America exists. In as much as American ideals, principles, and rights exist outside of our borders, America exists outside of our borders.

Nazi Arizona?

Nazi Arizona? Well, not quite. The new immigration statute in the state is however, over the top, ill-considered, and ill-conceived. When Governor Brewer signed the measure into law, she opened up Arizona law enforcement agencies to enormous public pressures and liabilities. This is a measure, after all, that is supposed to “fix” illegal immigration in […]