Hold The Applause On The Mandate

But for liberals, that is where the celebration must end. The Court’s holding that states may opt out from the Medicaid expansion creates a potentially larger pool of individuals who will some day be faced with the penalty. It also serves to exacerbate the problem of coverage facing many predominately red states; states with low participation rates currently paired with stiff Medicaid participation requirements. And make no mistake, the pairing of the state opt-out ability, and the finding that the mandate is only constitutional as a tax, creates a political double jeopardy for this election campaign.

The GOP’s New Road To Nowhere

Filed under the heading of useless government action; the Republican House (and three Democrats) voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In truth, the voted for the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”, a magnificent example of snake-oil salesmanship. The action has no real political meaning; the Senate will never see the legislation because Republicans don’t have the votes to either open the debate or invoke cloture to force a vote. If the Senate were to pass a complement, President Obama would veto the action, and there aren’t enough votes in the House to override his veto.

Poll Position

We live in the era of permanent campaigns. Elections which used to be contained within the month or year of the actual voting, now form a constant backdrop to the democracy. Alongside the toxic commentary and baseless opinions that dominate cable “news”, voters can see a constant parade of poll results. What we the people aren’t shown, is the question order, context, or full spectrum of questions found in the polls. As with all reporting, it is the information that we don’t see or hear that demonstrate the bias or intent of the source.