Cooking The Books

Of course, reporting information about economic events regardless of when the cash transactions that support those events happen is called accrual accounting. It isn’t book-cooking, isn’t unethical, isn’t immoral, and happens to be, well, good business. It is also, as I would assume the vast majority of the (allegedly) pro-business Republican Party must know, the standard practice of virtually all of the people (sorry, corporations…I was listening to Mitt Romney just now) in the Fortune 500…as well as all major health insurance firms.

They, Them, And Government Spending

The notion of democracy, the foundation driven into bedrock of the ideal, is the ability of a people to collectively control their environment. The democracy shared via the voting public it governs, must be able to influence the marketplace to the benefit of the majority, while safeguarding the entire population from external threats and the erosion of individual liberty. It is, as a number of folks have said over the years, a case study in advanced citizenship.

A Sickness About Health Care

My relative doesn’t like “socialized medicine”. She is alive today because of the Social Security and Medicaid systems, but in her mind, those two sentiments are perfectly compatible. Her brother has lived in Germany for most of his adult life, and struggled mightily with many debilitating problems. Were he to have had the same problems in America, it is unlikely he would be alive today. But my relative was ardently complaining about the German system of socialized medicine. She was upset that “they” wouldn’t approve of a certain treatment. She thought (and thinks) it wrong that the poor of the world should be denied health care. But she doesn’t like “socialized medicine”.

Thank You Rep. Boehner

The House Minority Leader, John Boehner, issued a message today that underlined the American process. While acknowledging the anger over the law, Rep. Boehner reminded Americans that violence and intimidation are not the tools of our democracy. He encouraged those that were most angry to register to vote and lead others to do the same. […]