National Insecurity

Mitt Romney and the Men Behind The Mannequin find themselves fumbling for a new script. Since President Obama moved in, we have moved out of Iraq, and that nation still stands. Since President Obama moved in, we have first accelerated, then drawn down in Afghanistan, with the ultimate result being the utter destruction of every level of Al Qaeda in existence at the beginning of 2008 (including, of course, the death of He Who Shall Not Be Named).

Obama’s Foreign Policy

Call it, “Listen carefully and carry several sticks of varying sizes.” Pull the bulk of combat troops out of Iraq while ramping up the war in Afghanistan. Sanction the regimes in Iran and North Korea, but avoid direct military action. Communicate intentions regarding Tunisia and Egypt, but take direct action in Yemen and Lybia. If President Obama was a football team, he wouldn’t be a rigid, system-driven squad like Oklahoma’s teams were under Barry Switzer (successful as they were); he would be a flexible, gameplan to opponent group like the New England Patriots.

Foreign Politics?

A quick post today on Iran and North Korea and notions of an “appropriate response”. The usual lineup of critics on both sides of our artificial political fence have been taking shots at President Obama for his handling of flash points in Iran and North Korea, and to a lesser extent, China. The left wants […]