An Inconvenient Meme

At some point in the last year I realized that age had caught up with me in most superficially hurtful way; I left the key demographic. What I value, like, want, and need is no longer relevant to mass marketers. All of the music I like is relegated to classical and oldies stations. A solid majority of the people I interact with on a daily basis aren’t completely sure what I mean when I say “roll up the window.” A frighteningly large minority of the people I interact with believe that “dial up” is charming relic of my advancing years.

Deconstructing Sarah Palin…Again

It is called “harm’s way” for a reason Mrs. Palin, if our assets are close enough to watch, they are close enough to take fire. Under President Obama, our nation has taken a strong posture towards Iran (although you wouldn’t know it to listen to the bombastic morons at Fox News). We have, at a minimum, two carrier battle groups on station around Iran, along with 40,000 troops right across the Persian Gulf from the home of the Mullahs. Drones deployed to snoop on that regime seem a reasonable strategic choice (and one with which I am sure that Israel approves), one would imagine that even Sarah Palin would know that drones can be shot down regardless of who occupies the White House.

What Passes For Intelligence On Facebook

The individuals who produced this picture, a picture designed to highlight the insensitivity to history and our veterans allegedly held by President Obama, don’t appear to be sensitive to the history themselves. D-Day (at least the one that President Obama is supposedly slighting by failing to go to France, occurred on June 6, 1944…not 1945. It isn’t immediately obvious how any patriotic American with a profound respect and interest in our shared military history could miss so obvious a fact.