2010: Success And Failure Merge

Politically, 2010 will stand as one of the most confusing years in the history of our nation. The hallmark of this year is the level to which political message has risen above real political action and governance. This is the year where the transformation of political parties has come to fruition. Once instruments that supported and nurtured a set of principles, Democrats and Republicans have outgrown their simple and honest purpose. Principles are defined and crafted to suit the ambitions of the parties.

First Thoughts On The House

Just over 81% of the seats held by Democrats voting for Cap and Trade stayed in the liberal column. Similarly, just under 81% of those seats voting for Health Care Reform were rewarded with another Democratic term. If those numbers stand in contrast to the new themes peddled by the conservative mainstream media, then consider one more number. More than 84% of the seats held by Democrats who were loyal to the so-called Obama/Pelosi agenda are still held by Democrats. Theses are not numbers that describe, by themselves, a broad ranging repudiation of Mr. Obama’s agenda. These numbers, taken in combination with the broad range of defeats at both the state and federal levels, speak to a rather typical electorate frustrated and nervous about a poor economy.


It is the singular measure of the extremes our nation is swinging between that our political debate so often involves the Constitution. A brilliant document and the creation of great compromise, our Constitution serves as the foundation and framing of the nation. The cement was poured and set over 200 years ago, and the framing has been added, in the form of amendments, at various intervals since.In our great arrogance today, we have decided that every problem requires a Constitutional remedy.

American Guns

The images are engraved in our American minds; all of our heroes have guns strapped to their sides. Cowboys in the Old West, rebels in post-Apocalyptic futures, and even Luke Skywalker; all of them packed heat. Some two decades ago, it was a Democratic party position to fight for aggressive gun control. People may indeed kill people, but it is easier and quicker with a firearm.