Headache-Inducing Questions

In November, by a 51%-47% margin, Americans expressed their will that President Obama’s plan to slowly reduce defense spending, raise marginal tax rates on upper income levels, and enact reforms in government health care spending that don’t involve access-limitation, is the plan we should move forward with. In the same election, Americans increased the influence of Democrats in the Senate, and voted as a majority for Democrats running for the House.

Personal Reasons

The world, sadly, has changed. Like a nation of teenagers, we have become unable to view the world from a perspective bigger than ourselves. We seem ready and able to condemn any facts that are inconvenient, and the entire conservative movement is committed to the derivative notion that any numbers that fail to support their worldview are necessarily be wrong.

National Insecurity

Mitt Romney and the Men Behind The Mannequin find themselves fumbling for a new script. Since President Obama moved in, we have moved out of Iraq, and that nation still stands. Since President Obama moved in, we have first accelerated, then drawn down in Afghanistan, with the ultimate result being the utter destruction of every level of Al Qaeda in existence at the beginning of 2008 (including, of course, the death of He Who Shall Not Be Named).