The Facts On Medicare: Obama Vs. Ryan

The approach taken by President Obama and the liberals cuts payments to providers, and places limits on the flexibility of insurance companies. It does not cut benefits or coverage to individuals. The approach taken by Mr. Ryan and, presumably, the Romney/Ryan ticket, places total dollar limits on future enrollees based on 2012 dollars, and places its full faith in the ability of the marketplace to cover the retired on the basis of those vouchers.

Insurance Fraud: 2011

From the moment conservatives failed in their attempt to block passage of health care reform outright, they started the process of undermining the new law. The signing of the Affordable Care Act by President Obama a year ago started the clock on a plethora of legal filings and state level legislative initiatives designed to make the law irrelevant. While some of the maneuvering focuses on one of the least-desirable aspects of the measure (The Rational Middle has repeatedly stated its economic objections to the individual mandate), most of the ventures amount to silly political shenanigans.

The GOP’s New Road To Nowhere

Filed under the heading of useless government action; the Republican House (and three Democrats) voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In truth, the voted for the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”, a magnificent example of snake-oil salesmanship. The action has no real political meaning; the Senate will never see the legislation because Republicans don’t have the votes to either open the debate or invoke cloture to force a vote. If the Senate were to pass a complement, President Obama would veto the action, and there aren’t enough votes in the House to override his veto.

The Boehner Protocols

Think what you will about John Boehner, the presumptive Speaker of the House stands as the most powerful opposition leader in American political history. The party discipline enforced by the pugnacious Ohio Republican meant that Democrats with a massive majority were forced to sweat out intra-party compromises to get measures passed in the House. The imagery presented to Americans of a unified Republican House standing in opposition to measures that were always (according to the Minority Leader) “forced down our throats”, cost untold electoral damage to the Democrats in 2010.