Foreign Politics?

A quick post today on Iran and North Korea and notions of an “appropriate response”.

The usual lineup of critics on both sides of our artificial political fence have been taking shots at President Obama for his handling of flash points in Iran and North Korea, and to a lesser extent, China. The left wants strong condemnation, appeals to the U.N., sanctions, and support for various human rights groups; the right wants tough talk and an aggressive, military first posture.

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The health care circular firing squad

The debate over health care is fast reaching a fever pitch of sloganeering and circular arguments. A screaming collection of cowboys driving herds of mooing cattle over the landscape have come close to derailing any real action that seemed probable just a few months ago. On the right, a phalanx of insurance companies, big pharma, and the AMA; on the left, a scrum of typically weak Democratic senators. The rational middle is, at the moment, looking for cover in the crossfire. I think it is time to step into the body armor and state a few facts.

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By way of introduction…

The rational middle is the area occupied by most Americans in the absence of cable news and talk radio of any persuasion. It is my contention that the solutions to most of our problems, and the strategies that allow us to exploit most of our opportunities live in the middle. I will try to avoid the campaign cliche and the political catch phrase as I explore the news of the week, and I will also attempt to cite neutral sources in support of my opinions. As a break from the stress of politics (and as therapy for my sportsfanitis) I will also look at topics in the world of sports. I hope you will join the conversation on a regular basis and add your voices to those of us in the middle who are tired of the left and right.