Soulmates and Blue Dresses

Poor Mark Sanford. His soul mate is in Argentina, his life is in South Carolina, his career is in trouble, and his wife is incensed. All throughout the United States one question is being asked; “What was he thinking?”

Eleven years ago President Clinton found himself in the same, ahem, awkward position. In between there have been dozens of instances where representatives, senators, governors, and others have been forced into finding a way to “spin” their “indiscretions”. For the rest of the world, the cheaters just have to fess up and duck. I hope we all can agree that this issue is bipartisan; when it comes to fooling around, neither party is better or worse than the other.

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Other People’s Big Government

We humans are a funny lot. Most of us can see the flaws in others and miss our own; “do as I say, not as I do” generally being the rule of the day. For my part, I am publishing this blog to attempt reasonable discussion of political issues in spite of my own tendencies towards well, being unreasonable.

Taxes and “Big Government” are my two favorite examples of what my wife tenderly calls, “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine”. Everyone, and that means you Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Conservative, wants big ticket programs from your governments, federal, state and local. Everyone, and now I am writing of you Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Liberal, despises the notion of paying ANY tax. And so, one of the fundamental obstacles of our democracy is the endless attempt to win the argument over what we the people buy and who pays for it.

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The Rational Middle: The Performance Enhanced Culture

I love my Dodgers. Vin Scully still calls the games, the uniforms are timeless, the stadium is privately financed (not to mention functional, beautiful, and stocked with great food!), and the team is playing as well as it has in my lifetime.

And Manny Ramirez is coming back….
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Cap and Trade ism

Don’t you love how politicians (Democrat or Republican) are able to create new dirty words out of just about anything! While the environmental left screams about the evils of big business, the right is on a mission to turn “Cap and Trade” into one of Carlin’s “seven words you can’t say on television”. Now that the House has passed a Cap and Trade bill, you can be sure that “socialist, communist, and big government” are soon to follow.

The rational middle says to both sides, “Put down your slogans, step away from the slogans!”

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