Your Weekly Brain Cramp

So I was watching a movie the other day on one of the broadcast style cable channels…you know the ones that rerun old network series and play movies with LOTS of commercial breaks in them.

The movie I was watching had lots of action (blood, guts, destruction, sex, and cursing) and was HEAVILY overdubbed. That is to say the cursing was dubbed out and replaced with silly words nobody uses and weird misplaced sounds and grunts. Some of the sex was cut…although the double entendres remained.

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Medical (Fact) Checkup

We all know the players in the health care debate. The teams are well-defined; Republicans against, Democrats for. The American people, overwhelmingly, want something done. The AMA, insurance industry, big pharma, the AARP, and just about every other group or lobby remotely associated with the issue will openly acknowledge a problem.

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Well…It Sure Sounds Good

As someone who has spent nearly two decades in the practice of and study of business, I am not a hard sell when it comes to the notion of fiscal conservatism. Waste and inefficiency are the devils that haunt entrepreneurs and managers of businesses of every size, and fads cost money.

I have learned a golden rule of sorts over the years; one person’s waste is another’s investment in the business. I have known perfectly rational and intelligent managers who have chased away daily coffee customers (who buy a product that returns say, $ 0.60 on every purchase) by charging for “extra” creamers, and be perfectly willing to give away a book of matches to every cigarette customer at the same total profit.

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The Evil of Sotomayor

Bigot. Racist. Unqualified. Activist. Empathetic. Pure evil was about the only attack left unsaid.

There has been an avalanche of accusations and characterizations directed at Sonia Sotomayor since her appointment to the Supreme Court by President Obama. To the extent that Americans are touchy about the topic of law and the court system, the reaction is understandable. We love to hate lawyers in this country, and yet we do nothing to limit the amount or reach of the profession. We hate lawsuits until we perceive an opportunity to file one beneficial to us. We love the idea of justice, so long as it is favorable to whatever cause we favor. Contradiction breeds strife and raw nerves, and this confirmation battle is trampling on the raw nerves of people left, right, and center.

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