Confusion, Progress, and the Status Quo

These are confusing times we live in. The Democratic president is escalating a war, confronting a union, advocating for torte reform, and angering his liberal base. The Republicans in Congress have attacked the previous (Republican) administration’s economic record, positioned themselves as champions of Medicare, and voted (all of them) against a $288 billion tax cut.

This year has featured a plethora of events I never thought (or hoped) to see in the United States; governors and state legislatures considering secession (treason), threats and suggestions of military takeover, and 300,000 residential foreclosures per month. Picture if you will my friends, what the reaction would have been had Rep. John Conyers screamed at Ronald Reagan in a joint session of Congress. Now think about what did not happen to Rep. Joe Wilson after his little escapade last month. Think about the votes you and I and several million others cast to put a large Democratic majority in power; none of us cast votes to give Senator Reid and Rep. Pelosi more power, we did it to get an agenda passed.

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Sustainable Profits

Business and politics have been in open warfare since late July, when the insurance industry opened hostilities against the idea of health reform. Over the next several months, the conflict will escalate over another idea; cap and trade. Cap and trade is another in a long line of environmental action attempted by those crazy, tree-hugging, environmental wackos.

Environmental wackos like Linda Greer of the Natural Resource Defense Council. At a conference in 2003, Ms. Greer was disappointed to reveal that 67 firms had rejected her request to work with the NRDC after she related the results of a project at Dow Chemical. Working at one plant in Midland, Michigan, the crazies were able to cut toxic emissions by 37%…but it cost Dow….

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Repetition Matters

When you are building a brand, repetition matters. People need to hear something over and over, and in different contexts, before they fully internalize the information. In politics, as well, repetition matters. Politics is, after all, branding. So what brands have the different “producers” created over the past forty years or so?

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What Really Matters!

Taxes, spending, budgets, politics…….oh the heck with them!

My Dodgers are about to…..sink without a trace. From the best record in baseball to losing 3 of 4 against the Pirates! I guess there is always hope with Manny, Matty, and Andre.

My Browns are well, my Browns. I guess there is always hope for next year.

The Reds of Liverpool are third in the table and contending for the League title….of course that is where they always are at the end of September. I guess there is always hope with Gerrard and Torres.

The Fighting Leathernecks of WIU are….well I really don’t want to write about that. Their coach, Don Patterson stepped down for health reasons. By all accounts a good man who is one of the most successful coaches in the league’s history, the program might nevertheless be well served by his retirement. Acting Head Coach Mark Hendrickson had the ‘Necks playing better ball last season during Patterson’s treatment than I had witnessed during three years on campus. No surprise there. It is tough to coach football while beating cancer, and so far Patterson has the cancer on the run. The rational middle wishes the best to the coach and his family.

I guess that last paragraph shows were the hope ought to be. What really matters is, far to often, all those things we think of when we are fighting, yelling, screaming, and worrying about the artificially important things in our lives.

The rational middle invites you to find someone whose blood pressure is entirely to high, and give them a hug…..(editorial hint….look for a teabagger!).