Mission and Sources

The Rational Middle does not describe a place on the traditional political spectrum. Written from a liberal point of view, the RM aims to be the middle ground for rational and respectful discussion and debate. The democracy lives and dies with our mutual ability to talk through issues and obstacles, regardless of individual backgrounds or philosophies.

Please feel free to comment on the posts and engage other readers in respectful discussion. Ad Hominem attacks will not be tolerated, but all other comments will be allowed, regardless of how contrary the position may be to the referenced post.

The RM is written with an eye fixed firmly on sources of original information. Solid source information is the key to reasoned debate and problem-solving. Agreeing on a common set of facts is a skill that seems to be lost in today’s emotionally-charged rhetoric. The following sites are useful for verifying basic information seen on cable news channels and read online and in traditionally published journals.

Thomas (The Library of Congress)

This resource is the official source for pending federal legislation. Summaries and PDF versions of bills can be read, usually after they are reported out of committees.

U.S.A. Spending.Gov

This resource provides search enabled database reports for all unclassified spending by the federal government.

Taxpayers For Common Sense

Opinion and reporting that targets both parties with equal ferocity. This site also features a complete earmark database for multiple years. The database is easily searched by a number of different criteria.

Office Of Management And Budget

This is the source for copies of the President’s budget in PDF form. Multiple years can be found, and historical tables can be researched.

The Federal Reserve Bank Of St. Louis

The St. Louis Fed contains a section for research and data that is unsurpassed for historical economic reports and raw data. The site is a perfect source for finding spreadsheet data for economic analysis.

The Center For Economic And Policy Research

The C.E.P.R is an online treasure trove of research and economic analysis. These folks were ahead of the rest in warning of the dangers of the housing bubble.

The Henry J, Kaiser Family Foundation

The home for research concerning all things medical; health care, health coverage, and health costs. A complete resource for online research on the most critical issues facing working families.

Concurring Opinions

Non-partisan legal analysis

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

The home of the employment household survey and other statistics on jobs


The ADP Employment Report

Private market information on national employment