Random Bits Of Pseudo-Wisdom

As I know you consider me a world-class writer, it will surprise you to learn that I occasionally let my brain steep in the acrid broth of modern media. In other words, rather than engaging in the pursuit of knowledge this weekend, I have watched TV and browsed on Facebook

Random Stupidity

Twenty years ago, the bulk of what is now ObamaCare (including the individual mandate) was written as the conservative answer to the Clinton Plan. Today, many conservative politicians are so thoroughly Fox-washed that they refuse to accept the constitutionality of the same plan in the face of a conservative Court upholding the law.

Forced Perspective

National elections matter, this is after all a democracy, a place where the vote is (or should be) sacred. But what matters more than elections are the voters themselves, and perhaps 60 million Americans (just under 20% of the population) are now at risk due to Hurricane Sandy. Today in New Jersey, the President got to observe the aftermath of the storm with a stricken and clearly shaken Chris Christie. Lives have been, in a painfully literal sense, both washed and blown away.