2012 Election Live Blog

Welcome to The Rational Middle’s Live Blog of the 2012 National Election. You can expect zero spin and regular updates on the races for President, the Senate, and the House. As we enter the evening, the consensus expectation is for a status quo election; no change is expected in any of the three bodies, with little expected movement in the numerical composition of Congress.

Personal Reasons

The world, sadly, has changed. Like a nation of teenagers, we have become unable to view the world from a perspective bigger than ourselves. We seem ready and able to condemn any facts that are inconvenient, and the entire conservative movement is committed to the derivative notion that any numbers that fail to support their worldview are necessarily be wrong.

Forced Perspective

National elections matter, this is after all a democracy, a place where the vote is (or should be) sacred. But what matters more than elections are the voters themselves, and perhaps 60 million Americans (just under 20% of the population) are now at risk due to Hurricane Sandy. Today in New Jersey, the President got to observe the aftermath of the storm with a stricken and clearly shaken Chris Christie. Lives have been, in a painfully literal sense, both washed and blown away.