On Guns And Simple Solutions

Why not adopt this notion of regulation as the cornerstone of a balanced and thorough response to the universal problem of gun violence? Why not pass a federal model law, in the mode of the Uniform Commercial Code, that states could vote on individually? Why not also amend current health law to renew our focus on treating (not stigmatizing) mental health?

Bipartisanship In Context

President Obama spent his entire first term in search of bipartisanship, the liberal blogosphere spent his entire first term criticizing his search for bipartisanship, and conservatives spent his entire first term accusing the President of walking away from bipartisanship. There are some who say there is a fundamental disagreement on what bipartisanship is, and the disagreement isn’t ending soon. If it is fundamental, it is a one-sided disagreement. With one exception, every piece of legislation passed in the last 20 years that featured any partisan conflict has been resolved and passed with Democrats making all of the concessions.

The Peace The Follows War

Veterans Day is holiday evolution. We celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and those who placed themselves in that jeopardy, on the day originally established to celebrate the end of one terrible conflict.¬†World¬†War I wasn’t originally known by that name; it was either the Great War, or the War to End All Wars. Evidently, […]