Your Weekly Brain Cramp

So I was watching a movie the other day on one of the broadcast style cable channels…you know the ones that rerun old network series and play movies with LOTS of commercial breaks in them. The movie I was watching had lots of action (blood, guts, destruction, sex, and cursing) and was HEAVILY overdubbed. That […]

Soulmates and Blue Dresses

Poor Mark Sanford. His soul mate is in Argentina, his life is in South Carolina, his career is in trouble, and his wife is incensed. All throughout the United States one question is being asked; “What was he thinking?” Eleven years ago President Clinton found himself in the same, ahem, awkward position. In between there […]

The Rational Middle: The Performance Enhanced Culture

I love my Dodgers. Vin Scully still calls the games, the uniforms are timeless, the stadium is privately financed (not to mention functional, beautiful, and stocked with great food!), and the team is playing as well as it has in my lifetime. And Manny Ramirez is coming back….