On Twinkies And Bad Capitalists

But, and this is important, Hostess did not go bankrupt (twice) because of legacy union contracts. Like General Motors and Chrysler before them, Hostess went bankrupt (twice) because of atrocious strategic management. Much like four years ago, when U.S. automakers were pressed against a hard ceiling of debt, the source of the debt was poor strategic choices and inept brand management. GM faced twice as much in bond obligations linked to capital projects then it debt in union pension and medical commitments, and it suffered from a bloated and unproductive brand structure that had lost the trust of American consumers.

Fox Reality Check

When will they learn? When will grassroots conservatives learn? You can’t deny numbers because they don’t look good to you…reality wins eventually. Those folks were victims of their own propaganda and Karl Rove’s final and colossal failure…Bush’s Brain is so much more meaningful a moniker in the light of The Texas Turd Blossom’s underwhelming genius. Below are two important data points for conservatives to consider as they watch the “fair and unbalanced” crowd struggle for traction.

Compromise, What Compromise?

There was a notion late, late, late on election night were the pundits starting talking about the Republican’s need to compromise with the President. “They just lost the White House, they lost seats in the Senate and the House, they are losing the demographic race…they have to come to the table.”

2012 Election Live Blog

Welcome to The Rational Middle’s Live Blog of the 2012 National Election. You can expect zero spin and regular updates on the races for President, the Senate, and the House. As we enter the evening, the consensus expectation is for a status quo election; no change is expected in any of the three bodies, with little expected movement in the numerical composition of Congress.