Cooking The Books

Of course, reporting information about economic events regardless of when the cash transactions that support those events happen is called accrual accounting. It isn’t book-cooking, isn’t unethical, isn’t immoral, and happens to be, well, good business. It is also, as I would assume the vast majority of the (allegedly) pro-business Republican Party must know, the standard practice of virtually all of the people (sorry, corporations…I was listening to Mitt Romney just now) in the Fortune 500…as well as all major health insurance firms.

Attention Deficit Health Insurance Disorder

Currently, all political junkies (and everyone else unable to get away from the tyranny of 24 hour news) are consumed by ObamaCare. Strangely though, very few Americans have sought to become informed on the Affordable Care Act. This particular reality hasn’t changed much in the 54 months since the first versions of health care reform began to filter into Congressional sub-committee rooms.

Anatomy Of A Lie: Responding To The GOP On ObamaCare

In the fantasy world of the conservative hierarchy, folks making that kind of cheddar are “normal” and “productive”. Apparently, judging by their policy proposals, the GOP believes that couples earning $60,000 per year (like a cop and a schoolteacher, or a roofer and a clerk) are “unproductive” because they aren’t “job-creators”.

The Facts On Medicare: Obama Vs. Ryan

The approach taken by President Obama and the liberals cuts payments to providers, and places limits on the flexibility of insurance companies. It does not cut benefits or coverage to individuals. The approach taken by Mr. Ryan and, presumably, the Romney/Ryan ticket, places total dollar limits on future enrollees based on 2012 dollars, and places its full faith in the ability of the marketplace to cover the retired on the basis of those vouchers.