A Daunting Challenge

Now and forever known as the “worst disaster” in Dick Cheney’s lifetime (his words), in any other time (or with a Republican in the White House) it would have been just a normal, if tragic, cost of doing business. The United States believes in an international presence, a presence that asks us to routinely deploy good people in dangerous places. Dozens (yes conservative friends, dozens) of diplomatic targets have been attacked by various forces regardless of the party affiliation of the White House during the last three decades. Many of these diplomatic targets were CIA fronts which demanded both secrecy and deniability. So where again is the scandal?

Deconstructing Sarah Palin…Again

It is called “harm’s way” for a reason Mrs. Palin, if our assets are close enough to watch, they are close enough to take fire. Under President Obama, our nation has taken a strong posture towards Iran (although you wouldn’t know it to listen to the bombastic morons at Fox News). We have, at a minimum, two carrier battle groups on station around Iran, along with 40,000 troops right across the Persian Gulf from the home of the Mullahs. Drones deployed to snoop on that regime seem a reasonable strategic choice (and one with which I am sure that Israel approves), one would imagine that even Sarah Palin would know that drones can be shot down regardless of who occupies the White House.

National Insecurity

Mitt Romney and the Men Behind The Mannequin find themselves fumbling for a new script. Since President Obama moved in, we have moved out of Iraq, and that nation still stands. Since President Obama moved in, we have first accelerated, then drawn down in Afghanistan, with the ultimate result being the utter destruction of every level of Al Qaeda in existence at the beginning of 2008 (including, of course, the death of He Who Shall Not Be Named).