Hold The Applause On The Mandate

But for liberals, that is where the celebration must end. The Court’s holding that states may opt out from the Medicaid expansion creates a potentially larger pool of individuals who will some day be faced with the penalty. It also serves to exacerbate the problem of coverage facing many predominately red states; states with low participation rates currently paired with stiff Medicaid participation requirements. And make no mistake, the pairing of the state opt-out ability, and the finding that the mandate is only constitutional as a tax, creates a political double jeopardy for this election campaign.

Sexual Contradictions

It is legal to marry your cousin in one half of all U.S. states…of course some do draw the line at having children, while enlightened states like North Carolina prohibit marriage between double first cousins. Wow…I was sure glad to here of those constraints…I was starting to worry about their sense of morality. But cousins shouldn’t fret about their rights being limited in North Carolina, because that state has always been light years ahead of the rest of the South when marital sex rights are concerned.

On The Job Of A Supreme Court Justice

At around 1,000 words per opinion, and with hundreds of opinions written, Justice Scalia himself is at least as verbose as the law he refuses to read. He has written as many books as J.K. Rowling although, in fairness, his were undoubtedly shorter than her last three. Speaking of Ms. Rolling, millions of Americans substantially less well read than Justice Scalia and his clerks, have read the last three books of the Harry Potter series. Those novels, it turns out, tip the scales at more than 500,000 words. Those millions who have read them, by the way, didn’t get paid to do so. Justice Scalia does in fact receive a substantial salary, excellent health insurance, and a lifetime guarantee of work, all under the auspices of him reading and giving judgement on the laws brought in challenge before his bench.