Monday Musings: November 18, 2013

There is a reason, of course, why so many commercial sites are so bad, and that reason is monetization. This is a fancy way of saying things are screwed up, digitally-speaking, because the firms are trying to squeeze money out of their sites rather than operating them to specs that support their stated goal.

On Twinkies And Bad Capitalists

But, and this is important, Hostess did not go bankrupt (twice) because of legacy union contracts. Like General Motors and Chrysler before them, Hostess went bankrupt (twice) because of atrocious strategic management. Much like four years ago, when U.S. automakers were pressed against a hard ceiling of debt, the source of the debt was poor strategic choices and inept brand management. GM faced twice as much in bond obligations linked to capital projects then it debt in union pension and medical commitments, and it suffered from a bloated and unproductive brand structure that had lost the trust of American consumers.

Sustainability: A Leftist Plot?

ut what is sustainability really? Is it a part of some communist conspiracy, is it a bad idea by well-meaning but naive environmentalists, or is it the future of good business? For years, U.S. business theory has been grounded in the teaching that earning profit is the number one moral responsibility of any business. The notion has been part and parcel of business school teaching for decades, and is ingrained in the mindsets of most of today’s top managers. Increasing shareholder value is the mantra that is still preached in schools and lower level management meetings across America. At first blush, it would appear that changing that mindset is an impossible task; but there is a common ground emerging.

Small Business 101: Profitable Sustainability

Sustainability is one of those “of the moment” catchphrases that tends to mean radically different things to different people. To old school environmental warriors, sustainability is watered down environmentalism for wimps; for many pro-business types, the concept is an insidious “fifth column” of environmental activism. My take on the idea is somewhat different; as someone […]