Monday Musings: November 18, 2013

There is a reason, of course, why so many commercial sites are so bad, and that reason is monetization. This is a fancy way of saying things are screwed up, digitally-speaking, because the firms are trying to squeeze money out of their sites rather than operating them to specs that support their stated goal.

Attention Deficit Health Insurance Disorder

Currently, all political junkies (and everyone else unable to get away from the tyranny of 24 hour news) are consumed by ObamaCare. Strangely though, very few Americans have sought to become informed on the Affordable Care Act. This particular reality hasn’t changed much in the 54 months since the first versions of health care reform began to filter into Congressional sub-committee rooms.

Breaking News Or Broken News?

Modern American economics, dominated by conservative thought for almost 40 years now, rewards the use of capital markets as wealth engines rather than facilitators. And we the people reward home owners for consumer spending funded by home equity. In isolation, those concepts are not terrible dangerous. In real world application, those concepts give incentives for risk-taking which has only one natural consequence. Thus, we call those incentives perverse, and in the world of information, we have similar incentives.