The Desolation of Tolkien’s Text

In Tolkien, these filmmakers were given a treasure-trove of story-telling; action, adventure, poetry, allegory. As Peter Beagle wrote, Tolkien gave “our most common nightmares, daydreams, and twilight fancies…a place to live, a green alternative to each day’s madness here in a poisoned world.”

With The Desolation of Smaug, Peter Jackson has given us back to the poisoned world, and embraced again the madness of violence for the sake of blood, explosions for the sake of fire, and technology for the sake of profit.

Obama: The Evil Genius Of Comic Book Land

Based on current news bits floating in the mainstream and touching the shores of social media, President Obama is precisely like a super-villain found in comic books and the James Bond series. He is Loki without the magic, Dr. No without the plastic hands, Lex Luthor without Gene Hackman’s charm.

Random Bits Of Pseudo-Wisdom

As I know you consider me a world-class writer, it will surprise you to learn that I occasionally let my brain steep in the acrid broth of modern media. In other words, rather than engaging in the pursuit of knowledge this weekend, I have watched TV and browsed on Facebook

On Gettysburg, God, And Obama

There are five copies of the Address written by Lincoln; two were draft copies in preparation for the speech, and three were penned by Lincoln at the request of three men who intended they be used for fundraising for the troops. The first draft of the speech is called the Nicolay Copy, and was started by Lincoln in Washington before being finished at Gettysburg. The second draft, now called the Hay Copy, was written in Gettysburg…both of these are housed at the Library of Congress. Neither of these drafts include the phrase “under God”, indicating that Lincoln added it off the cuff.