Obama: The Evil Genius Of Comic Book Land

Whiplash is a common effect of collisions and, apparently, after listening to conservative media types and their minions in government explain current events. Based on current news bits floating in the mainstream and touching the shores of social media, President Obama is precisely like a super-villain found in comic books and the James Bond series. He is Loki without the magic, Dr. No without the plastic hands, Lex Luthor without Gene Hackman’s charm. Come to think of it, one of the first posters to show up at Tea Party protests was a mash-up of Obama and the Joker (the creepy one from the last series of movies.)

After all, super-villains must fit a very particular pattern; they have the brilliance and financial backing to rule the world, but are always hopelessly incompetent when it comes to fleshing out the details (or just too stupid to simply shoot Bond in the face before telling him their plans.) And if the current crop of credulous, lazy, and cowardly reporters active in today’s sham media are to be believed, President Obama is just that sort. To wit:

President Obama is a tyrant who wants your guns, but on his watch, the rights of gun owners (and cowards who think owning a gun will alleviate their tiny penis problems) have been expanded.

President Obama rose to the top post in the United States of America in a sham series of elections driven by one of the great conspiracies of all time, and has now set about using extra-constitutional means to get his evil agenda passed. But he can’t seem to get anything on his evil agenda passed, even when he had a majority in both chambers.

Government is terrible at running things, and so can’t be trusted to be in charge of anything…unless it is health care (in which case, and if Obama is in charge, it will apparently run all of the private firms out of business.) You see, Obama is simultaneously unaware of how to make business succeed, but absolutely brilliant at making bad things happen (a statement that captures in full all that is Donald Trump.)

The healthcare law had to be stopped before it started (even though it started three years ago with many of the senior citizens now convinced Obama is the anti-Christ getting massive relief in their prescription drug bills.) But once there were major flaws found in the IT supporting the bill, the powers that wanted it stopped wanted to know why it wasn’t fixed. (If this notion really confuses you, you aren’t lonely tonight.)

President Obama is incompetent in matters of foreign policy, and his advisers seem to have no real clue how to work in the world. At the same time he convinced six world powers and Iran to agree to a deal stopping Iran’s nuclear program…just in time to distract America from problems with the healthcare website (problems which are largely fixed…go visit today.)

That last point is probably the funniest/most sad/most repulsive/craziest…Senator John Cornyn of Texas was the first to directly state that the President did the deal to distract the nation from ObamaCare. And he is also one of the individuals who has directly stated that this President is incompetent on foreign policy. These two ideas are mutually exclusive, but that has rarely stopped this crowd from playing with our minds. Simply crazy.


The Rational Middle is listening…

(published here for your indulgence is the link to the full text of the Iran deal: http://apps.washingtonpost.com/g/page/politics/iran-nuclear-deal/615/?hpid=z2&wpisrc=nl_wonk