Tyranny And Other Assorted Nonsense

The political label-making machine is a wonder to behold. News networks looking for a “story”, politician’s looking for leverage, and columnists looking for attention (yours truly included); all have taken the dark art of hyperbole to despicable levels. But, with my liberal bias in clear view of the public, I think the labels attached to (and hurled at) Democrats in government today are the most extreme in history.

President Obama is a tyrant!

This Obama tyranny must end!

President Obama moves closer to dictatorship!

In the early days of 1981, Ronald Reagan saw nearly his entire agenda, not just the domestic agenda and not just the military agenda, very nearly the whole enchilada was passed by Congress and signed into law. Adding to the legislative haul were the 213 executive orders signed by President Reagan. The volume of change at the federal level stunned liberals in government (and the roughly 48% of the country who considered themselves liberals)…was Ronald Reagan a dictator?

In just under five years, President Obama has seen a watered down version of his primary domestic agenda piece passed, only to see it constantly contended, obstructed, and used as leverage in every budget and appropriations bill since May of 2010. He was able to get a handful of other legislative pieces passed prior to January of 2011 (most notably the Lilly Ledbetter Act mandating equal pay for women doing equal work as men.) And President Obama signed 147 executive orders; almost one third fewer than Reagan during his first term. Furthermore, Reagan’s policies as expressed in the laws passed and orders signed were game-changers (as everyone who worships at the foot of Saint Ronnie the Gipper can attest); President Obama’s signature legislation is built with the chassis and power-plant of a conservative plan.

The notion that Obama is a tyrant is bullshit.

  1. Tyrants get what they want, when they want it, without question.
  2. Tyrants don’t allow their wants to be questioned in public.
  3. Tyrants don’t have to answer questions about their place of birth or religion more than once (let alone every day for years.)
  4. Tyrants don’t have to negotiate for funding to make good their promise to close a prison located in Cuba. Tyrants certainly aren’t told no.
  5. Tyrants don’t have to beg the victim of a tanning bed accident to pay the bills of their nation.
  6. Tyrants don’t allow intellectual lightweights on morning cable news shows to lampoon (clumsily) their governance. Tyrants have those people “disappeared”.
  7. Tyrants who want to get your guns do not allow gun rights to be expanded under their reigns of terror. Tyrants don’t fear bands of overweight “militia’s” who can shoot straight only when engaging stationary targets which don’t shoot back.
  8. Tyrants don’t allow bands of conservative hackers (and hacks) to stage cyber attacks on their signature socialist program’s website, they have those hackers and hacks “disappeared”.
  9. Tyrants don’t worry about “breaking a promise” on whether 2% of the citizenry can keep their junk “insurance” policies…those people shop where they are told.
  10. Tyrants don’t worry about price increases caused by their signature socialist program, tyrannical socialism would mandate the prices.

Democracy is a sticky issue…a wise person once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, other than all the rest.” And democracy doesn’t always follow the votes. Of late, conservatives have bemoaned the health law because polls have never shown a majority supporting the law. This is their primary evidence of tyranny. They carefully, and without subtlety, omit the fact that these are the same pollsters they claim were wrong during last year’s elections. And conservatives don’t like that they make up less than half the citizenry, but they embrace other quirks of our democracy. In 2000, less than a majority of Americans supported George Bush, and he was elected President. He went on to pass his entire agenda (save Social Security and Medicare privatization) as Reagan had 20 years earlier. He also signed more executive orders in his first term than President Obama has done in five years.

And when conservatives complain of tyranny, and bemoan the loss of freedom, they conveniently forget to mention which freedoms they have lost. They also forget to mention that a majority of Americans voted for Democrats in last year’s House elections, only to see the quirks of democracy leave that chamber in control of the Republicans.

The conservatives dost protest too much, methinks.


The Rational Middle is listening…


(Publisher’s note…technical difficulties are preventing hyperlinks. Information on executive orders comes from the UCSB Presidency project at this web address; http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/data/orders.php )