Monday Musings: June 3, 2013

The RM will feature random thoughts from the desert today, as I am back in my ancestral home for the graduations of niece #1 (high school) and niece #4 (kindergarten).

From Facebook

Dick Cheney is upset about the encroachment of the government on people’s rights with regards to firearms. The man who shot a guy in the face is upset because elected officials tried to introduce a plan supported by a majority of NRA members and 90% of Americans (and which didn’t touch handguns, hunting rifles, or shotguns.) This is also the same guy who championed the destruction of our 4th Amendment rights via warrant-less wiretaps and the various other travesties of the Patriot Act. So in Cheney’s worldview, the government has the right to warrant-less search and seizure, but citizens have the right to shoot government agents as the enter to search and seize? We have embraced in our nation a sinister new vision of checks and balances.

From Fox News

Congressman Darrell Issa called White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a “paid liar”…the notion of any politician labeling another a liar being enough to draw hearty chuckles from most Americans…but that is not my point. Former Obama adviser David Plough got off an incendiary blast against the Chief Scandal-Monger of the House, saying of Issa in a tweet; “Strong words from Mr. Grand Theft Auto and arsonist/insurance swindler.” Fox News had a panel on during the afternoon, one that we can all be sure was “fair and balanced”. Their assessment seemed to be that Issa might have been a bit harsh, but that Plough was way overboard because no charges were ever brought against Issa and the incidents were so long ago. That’s right friends…this is Fox News dismissing an item because it was neither topical nor related to the issue at hand.

From the Nexus of Sports and Politics

Longtime friends of the RM will know of my particular hatred of taxpayer funded stadiums, and this week we learned of a doozie. Chicago is closing 50 schools…the old funding chestnut rears its ugly head. In other news, Chicago is contributing $100 million to the building of a new arena for Depaul University. The Rational Middle has a few simple questions:

1. Why?

2. Why?

3. Why?

Seriously though…why? Why does Depaul need a new arena? Why doesn’t Depaul fund its own new arena? Why does Chicago have enough money to help build a basketball stadium for a college, but not enough to fund the basic public education that used to form the foundation for U.S. greatness? Emanuel offered a lame, conservative politician-like line of bullshit in defense of the move, speaking of the economic opportunity it would provide. And the economic loss caused by the closure of 50 schools? Not a word. I should sincerely hope that this incident marks the end of Emanuel’s career as a progressive politician. Maybe he can go to work for the Koch family.

The Rational Middle is listening…