Sarah Palin noted when criticizing President Obama that “it doesn’t rain but it pours.”


It has been 40 years since a president was pushed out of office for (among other things) ordering a break-in at the offices of political opponents (he got out of trouble by quitting.) It has been some 30 years since a president escaped prosecution for selling both anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to the Islamist Iranian government and using the proceeds to finance a civil war in Nicaragua (he got out of trouble by saying he had no recollection). A decade and a half has passed since a president was impeached for lying about the willful abuse of a cigar in the Oval Office (he got out of trouble by asking for both sex and is to be defined.)

Just 10 years have passed since the last President, and his Administration, made the conscious choice to lie the American people into a war with Iraq. In contrast to the previous scoundrels, the last President’s actions only cost us $1 trillion and 4,000 of our best people…far less important, evidently, than a blow job in the White House. And far less important than the barrage of earth-shattering scandals plaguing our current scoundrel.

Oh the humanity!

A Marine holding an umbrella over the head of the President. That dozens of pictures and videos show dozens of servicemen holding umbrellas over the head of every president in recent memory apparently makes no difference. Of course, a female Marine holding the umbrella over the President’s head would have been within the code, but I can only imagine the hysteria that would cause. All would be well in the hills and dales of our peaceful countryside if only that dammed Obama would hold his own umbrella. Sure.

Heavens to Cheney, make it stop!

The former co-president recently said that the Benghazi raid was one of the worst things he can remember in his life. Having received no less than 7 deferments from military service in Viet Nam, it is easy to believe he holds no bad memories from then. But this is a guy who (along with Rumsfeld) helped sell Iran a nuclear reactor, and then watched the country taken by Khomeni…that had to be rough. He was a congressman when terrorists attacked a diplomatic compound in Lebanon  killing 241 Americans. This is a guy who personally supervised the first Gulf War…a lot of death and destruction in that deal. Finally, this is a guy who was the Vice President of the United States on a bright September day when the national security structure of our nation failed to keep us safe (to the tune of 3,000 dead and billions in damage.) One would assume that incident was traumatic. Oh yeah, and the ten (10) attacks on U.S. embassies or consulates that occurred when he was the Vice President of the United States; one might assume they were at least irritants to the man.

I almost forgot…Obama wasn’t the President during any of the above mentioned incidents.

But he was the President when the I.R.S. began targeting political organizations who oppose taxes, and who openly offer support to individuals in attempts to evade taxes, and who have applied for non-profit status to avoid paying taxes. I would call that an agency doing its job…but I guess profiling is only good when it is used on those “other people”.

And Sarah Palin says that it doesn’t rain, but it pours. And she says it as a part of more criticism of the President; the President that has persisted in doing his duty in the face of opposition so cynical and ridiculous that it looks like a Saturday Night Live skit come to life. Which is appropriate given Mrs. Palin’s own (ex) career. Lest we forget, the person that used the 2008 campaign as a machine for thrusting her family into celebrity, and several hundred thousand dollars of clothing into their wardrobe is a quitter.

When scandal threatened her administration, she took a flier. Sarah Palin clearly didn’t get the memo; sometimes the rain never stops, and sometimes the floods come. Real Americans wade through the detritus and start again; real Americans don’t like quitters. I suspect the Ex-Half-Term’s egg timer is about to ding.


The Rational Middle is listening…


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