Memo To All Good Christians

To follow on the enlightened views of the supporters of California Proposition 8, and the Godly statements of Focus on the Family, the following memo has been written to ensure that no good Christians burn for their ignorance of the consequences of sex.

Marriage is for procreation only…so all good Christians widowed or divorced who have either passed the age for child-bearing or have no Godly intention to mate, must immediately stop any and all activities relating to dating or courtship, as these actions can only lead to an unholy union.

Also, as marriage is the only appropriate state for sexual union, all good Christians fitting the above description must immediately accept lifelong abstinence. If you are currently, or have in the past violated these rules…seek pastoral intervention immediately or risk burning in Hell.

The Rational Middle hopes this clarifies a difficult spiritual issue, that has obviously been clouded by Godless atheists and homosexuals. Good day.