Fox Reality Check

I was going to write on bipartisanship today, but the continuing Fox News meltdown takes precedence. Partisan entertainment reporting of politics is one thing (honestly, MSNBC has dropped any pretense of journalism, although they maintain a firmer grip on the facts), but actively inciting a revolution is another. Adding to the mess is the typically Fox-like absence of reality.

When will they learn? When will grassroots conservatives learn? You can’t deny numbers because they don’t look good to you…reality wins eventually. Those folks were victims of their own propaganda and Karl Rove’s final and colossal failure…Bush’s Brain is so much more meaningful a moniker in the light of The Texas Turd Blossom’s underwhelming genius. Below are two important data points for conservatives to consider as they watch the “fair and unbalanced” crowd struggle for traction.

  1. Hurricane Sandy did not “stop Romney’s momentum”. Pundits are now trying to say that one more week of talking about “things important to America, like the debt and deficit, and restoring our greatness…” would have made all the difference. Multiple Mitt was trailing in all of the state polls that mattered because voters had heard every version of his reality (and that was a lot, mind you), and rejected them. Also, Romney’s momentum (a very real thing after the Denver Debate) had already stopped, as the graph on the side shows (the left arrow points to the period between the September jobs report, the Vice Presidential Debate, and the second Presidential Debate, the right arrow, Hurricane Sandy’s landfall).
  2. Rove’s pathetic attempt to blame “voter suppression” (in line with his own Rovian Quantum Politics) is beyond ridiculous. The election mechanisms in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia are all led and vetted by Republican governors. Those three states all went for the President (and elected or reelected liberal Senators) despite active voters purges that disproportionately effected Democrats. And as for conservatives  staying at home; Florida saw 200,000 more Republicans vote, Ohio saw 100,000, and Virginia 60,000. And since when are political ads voter suppression?

I thought that only The Donald would stand and reaffirm his reckless and idiotic crazy, I had no thought that most of the Fox News lineup would join with elected Republicans in a massive and frankly democracy-threatening pity party. They are all channeling their inner Pat Robertson, and it must stop. Some 225 years ago, the Founding Fathers created a nation as an indirect democracy, and did so with the knowledge that not everyone would always get along. It seems to have worked well so far, let’s not let our inner child make us bad losers.

A majority of the people have spoken, it is time to move forward.


The Rational Middle is listening…