Forced Perspective

National elections matter, this is after all a democracy, a place where the vote is (or should be) sacred. But what matters more than elections are the voters themselves, and perhaps 60 million Americans (just under 20% of the population) are now at risk due to Hurricane Sandy. Today in New Jersey, the President got to observe the aftermath of the storm with a stricken and clearly shaken Chris Christie. Politics, for the moment, have been well and truly cast by the wayside. Lives have been, in a painfully literal sense, both washed and blown away.

Everyone can help:

Donate to The Salvation Army at this site, or text STORM to 80888 and then text YES to confirm. For more information on the Sandy response, you can visit the Salvation Army’s blog here.

Support the efforts of the American Red Cross by donating at this site.

We must not ignore this!


(Programming note…The RM will be live-blogging the election Tuesday, with twice-hourly updates on the race for the White House, and once hourly updates on the House and Senate.)