Time Out

OK kids…time for a time out! I may just be calling this for myself, but that’s OK…it is my blog. In any case, today is a no politics Thursday in The Rational Middle. No debates, no controversies, no names, no pundits…just a series of things we can all agree on…well, maybe.

This is for Dee in Nebraska, Mark in Michigan, Clint in Texas, Sandy in Nevada, David in California, Jenna in Virginia, and Tim in Illinois. All of these folks are people I know in the real world, or through cyberspace, and all would be welcome in my home. All of them also share…well, let’s say conflicting political beliefs. Below, however, is a list of things that, I think, are both more important and more fun to talk about.

Very Important Points

  1. Baseball is a beautiful game…and far more enjoyable to play and watch then that boring cricket the Brits play. It also produced one of the few lines of script ever delivered properly by Kevin Costner; (words to live by) “I believe…in the hanging curve, the small of a women’s back, good scotch, and long, slow, deep, wet…” you know the rest.
  2. Football is the new American pastime, but sometimes it seems like the organizers (the NFL and big college conferences), and the players get a little too big for their britches.
  3.  Cookouts equal good living…few things beat the American Cheeseburger, and even vegetarians can join in the fun with a good portobello version of the classic (those poor deprived souls).
  4. American Democracy is the worst form of government in the world, other than all of the rest of the forms of government in the world.
  5. People that have lots of money sometimes forget what it is like to not have money…and that is a form of memory-loss that I must confess has a certain appeal.
  6. All television would be better without commercials.
  7. All television would be better without reality TV “celebrities”.
  8. Americans eat too much, but that doesn’t mean that clothing firms and glamour mags should cater only to Americans who don’t eat enough.
  9. Life isn’t nearly as fun without desert, sex, or the guilt which can sometimes occur with one or the other.
  10. The Mayans weren’t “right”…no matter what the bumper stickers say, America will still be here in January regardless of who is elected.

Vote for sure, but remember the finer things!

The Rational Middle is listening…

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