The Campaign In Brief

Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan to be his running-mate for Campaign 2012. The Sunday morning shows, along with every blog in America, have had their crack at what this means for America. The Rational Middle will revisit Ryan and his on the record policy goals many times in the next 3 months, but not now.

For now, and without the typical name-calling or hand-wringing, here is a brief summary of the American campaign for President. The incumbent is a liberal, meaning that he believes that a federal government by, of, and for the people should intercede when the free market fails, or in those instances that a profit motive is not sufficient to drive a market to solve national problems.

The inclusion of Paul Ryan on the ticket means that the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, has with him a Washington insider who is a kindred fiscal spirit. Both believe that the federal government best serves the people by serving first those individuals and firms who currently generate the largest revenue for themselves. They believe, as Reagan stated, that “government is the problem”.

The phrase “class warfare” has already been used extensively in this debate, but the methods of governance haven’t changed one iota in 30 years; conservatives believe that reduction in taxation and regulation at the top of the economy (and in particular, on Wall Street, where capital is raised and distributed) will be redistributed by the market to the working class. Liberals believe that this is not the case. It will be for citizens to decide this November; those citizens, that is, that choose to vote.

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One thought on “The Campaign In Brief

  1. It’s amazing, to me, that there is anyone who still, truly, believes in the Conservative viewpoint/rhetoric. In fact, I find it highly debateable whether the Romney/Paul position comes from genuine belief in what is good for the economy or simply the desire to couch their own best interests in language the American public will swallow; but that is a subject for another time. To return to the original point, the traditional, Conservative viewpoint holds logical water..on paper. The undeniable fact, though, is that in actual practice it has never worked and has brought our country to a point that seems, with every passing year to be more and more unsustainable. The prospect of the Romney/Paul ticket taking over the White House scares me more than I care to think about.

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