Hey Seniors, This Is Obamacare

Obamacare…the most effective political boogieman since Julius Caesar, has overtaken our nation. Senior citizens it seems have been the first to experience it’s horrors. While the conservative mainstream media focuses on the nearly irrelevant question of whether the individual mandate is constitutional, Obamacare has been hard at work changing the lives of Americans in their golden years. But what actually has happened; what is the terrible cost of this program?


Obamacare is the direct cause of at least 80 layoffs in Congress, although it is difficult to feel pity for former House Democrats (and a handful of Senators) who were too cowardly to run for reelection on the merits of a bill they voted on.
Obamacare is an underlying cause in President Obama’s fall from political grace to political reality. A significant fraction of liberals continue to insist that the President pushed a bill on the public that was too conservative. A significant fraction of independents believe that the President pushed a bill on the public that was too liberal. Finally, a significant fraction of conservatives believe the President pushed a bill on the public that was too Sharia.


  • Obamacare has attacked the family values of seniors by creating a program that allowed some 34,000 of their children and grandchildren to be insured regardless of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Obamacare has further eroded family values by allowing 2.5 million Americans to be insured on their parent’s plans.

Senior Economics

  • In 2010, Obamacare redistributed money from the patrons of tanning salons to senior citizens in the form of checks for $250, all to close the Medicare prescription drug donut hole that President Bush worked so hard to open.
  • In 2011, and per an agreement with pharmaceutical companies, Obamacare forced 2.65 million seniors to save $1.5 billion in a further move to attack Mr. Bush’s donut hole. Imagine the terror felt by the average senior when they saved up to $569 last year in drug costs. Imagine the horror when they discovered that drug prices would not increase in 2012.
  • Also in 2011, some 24 million Medicare beneficiaries were denied the pleasure of paying for check-ups and other preventative services, forcing those good folks to find other ways to spend nearly a $1 billion more in other ways.

Miscellaneous Horrors

  • Primary care physicians and general surgeons working in areas of health professional shortage were forced to accept 10% bonuses in 2011.
  • Money was spent on expanding graduate medical student opportunities, for the opening of wellness programs designed to facilitate non-drug, non-surgical interventions.
  • Money was given to the states to help them study ways to circumvent tort action and move past traditional malpractice.
  • 2012 will be even worse, as money will be spent that allows more seniors to be treated at home.

As you can see, cherished senior friends, Obamacare might very well be the sign of the beast, and it will only get worse. In 2014, states will open exchanges that offer competitive, private, insurance plans. Also on those exchanges will be at least one non-profit insurance option, and funds will be provided that will support member-owned insurance co-ops at the state level. I sincerely hope you will recognize the terrible reality of these programs, and urge you to take the appropriate action in the voting booth this November.

As was America’s past, Her future is in your hands.


The Rational Middle is listening…