Mike On Sports: The NFL Draft…Round One

With Nate taking the week off, I thought I would take a break from politics to write about what is truly important; the first round of the NFL Draft. As a Browns fan, this annual extravaganza is usual the most exciting football event on my calendar. This year is no exception, but I will play expert and share my thoughts on the round…after all, Mel Kiper Jr. does it every year, and I have played more football than him.

Best Pick: Sam Bradford QB, St. Louis Rams…This seems obvious, but many teams choke when picking this high. The Rams showed courage by staying with the pick, and Bradford is a true number one talent who fills an obvious need for the rebuilding Rams.

Worst Pick: Tim Tebow QB, Denver Broncos…This is not an attack on Tebow, but he is a three year project at QB who may never be able to fix his debilitating mechanics. The Broncos have a young 4,000 yard passer in Kyle Orton, and traded for a former 1st round pick in Brady Quinn. This is a case of the hype getting the best of a young coach.

Best Value Pick: Bryan Bulaga OT, Green Bay Packers…This guy is a consensus top 15 talent (most mocks had him going in the top 10) who the Packers get at 23. He fills a need with Tauscher and Clifton getting old. I did consider Dez Bryant, but the Cowboys gave up big value to move up three spaces and grab a guy with character concerns.

Worst Value Pick: Tyson Alualu DE, Jacksonville Jaguars…Unlike Tebow, Alualu probably had a high 2nd to low 1st round grade, so he belongs; he just doesn’t belong at 10. The Jaguars could have moved back without fear and received extra picks, but instead they proved why the team continues to struggle.

Gutsiest Pick: Dez Bryant WR, Dallas Cowboys…This kid fills a glaring need for the Cowboys and has top 5 talent. The Cowboys made an aggressive move to get a kid that will likely be boom or bust.

Biggest Impact Round: San Fransisco 49ers…The 49ers drafted two potential Pro-Bowl lineman in Anthony Davis (who will probably go to left tackle with Staley moving to right tackle) and Mike Iupati. Iupati has been called the best guard prospect in the draft since Steve Hutchinson, and if he has that kind of impact, Frank Gore will be a happy running back indeed.

The Jackass Media Moment: The NFL Network announcing the picks before the Commissioner gets to the podium. This whole notion of reporters and there miserable “scoops” and “exclusives” is ridiculous. Let the process play out and leave weasels and parasites like Adam Schefter home.

Sports is so much more fun than politics….