Thank You Rep. Boehner

The House Minority Leader, John Boehner, issued a message today that underlined the American process. While acknowledging the anger over the law, Rep. Boehner reminded Americans that violence and intimidation are not the tools of our democracy. He encouraged those that were most angry to register to vote and lead others to do the same. The House Minority Whip, Eric Cantor, also condemmed the violence while making the claim that Democrats are at fault. The reporting of his press conference is understandably mixed, depending on who is doing the reporting.

The Rational Middle feels that Rep. Cantor may have a point about the Democratic Party’s response to the ugly displays outside the capitol over the weekend. While it is the opinion of this site that reckless and baseless accusations about the plan by Republicans are the source of the problem, the use of the attacks in fund-raising material by the Democratic National Committee is both crass and irresponsible. Acknowledge the attacks and talk about the causes, then leave the issue alone. Dwelling on the ignorance and hatred of a few does the many a disservice.

As my last two posts have (I hope) communicated, it is the hyperbole and breathless rejection of fact-based debate that are the hallmarks of this troubled time in our history. The ad hominem attacks that have become common in our political debate are the reason that so many of our fellow citizens are tired of politics, and ignore the very concept of citizen governance. I am profoundly opposed to the politics and political strategies of Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative John Boehner, but I am positive that they both love their country and their families with the same passion that I do mine. This fact alone should be verification enough that we all share common ground. Let us use the framework provided by the Founding Fathers to deal with those areas that we lack agreement on.

The Rational Middle is listening…