Haiti Needs Help

Haiti needs our help. This is what we Americans do when our neighbors are in need. This is not about politics, religion, sports, or business. It is possible that 5% of the people of Haiti died in that earthquake, and more than 30% are homeless.

There are several ways we can help. I have seen web announcements from most of our nation’s congregations organizing relief efforts, and I would encourage all who can to take the opportunity to support those efforts. The Red Cross has also swung into action in concert with the United Nations and our military. All of these activities require money, and that fact provides most of us with our best opportunity to give aid and comfort.

Please donate to the Red Cross here. You can also donate $10 to the efforts by texting “HAITI” to 90999. The latter donation will be added to your cellular bill. You can find more information about the relief effort and how you can support it at this location. For most Americans, the last two years have been frustrating and difficult. The rational middle believes that events like this most recent tragedy remind us how good our lives really are, and what a gift we truly have to live in this nation. Lets pay this forward together.

The rational middle is thinking about the lives and souls in Haiti tonight…