Your Weekly Brain Cramp

So I was watching a movie the other day on one of the broadcast style cable channels…you know the ones that rerun old network series and play movies with LOTS of commercial breaks in them.

The movie I was watching had lots of action (blood, guts, destruction, sex, and cursing) and was HEAVILY overdubbed. That is to say the cursing was dubbed out and replaced with silly words nobody uses and weird misplaced sounds and grunts. Some of the sex was cut…although the double entendres remained.

So the brain cramp happens when the commercial breaks come along. Break number one features a series of mature couples in romantic embrace finding love again through science(my favorite is the couple in matching old-fashioned tubs over-looking the lake…the idea of folks my age or older moving two cast-iron tubs out to that spot and them filling them with hot water is gut-bustingly hilarious).

Break number two features a talking toaster oven from a popular sandwich chain asking the employee to “put it in me”….

I would loved to have been a fly on the wall when that ad campaign was pitched.

So we have to dub out uncouth language, half-naked bodies, and simulated sex while leaving in gratuitous violence during the movie…presumably to shield those with impressionable minds.

When it comes to commercials however, we are OK with using drugs and toaster ovens to achieve satisfaction. Sorry…it just got me thinking.